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Feel the Love

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Feel the Love

"Feel the Love" Valentine's Day Greeting with Bryce 3D and Photoshop

My Holiday Project

This is a Valentine's Day card created for this week's Graphics Challenge.

Project Details and Instructions

I used Bryce 3d and Photoshop to create this image. I created a gray scale image of a white heart on a black background and applied a Gaussian blur to the image. I imported the image into Bryce and converted it into a terrain object. I then applied a highly reflective red glassy texture to the heart. I rendered the image then I rendered a mask for the image and imported them into Photoshop. Then using multiple layers and layer styles and a cool font, I completed the image within Photoshop.

Tips and Tricks

  • Importing 512 x 512 gray scale images into Bryce's terrain editor can turn any shape that you can create in Photoshop into a 3-d model. Sooooo cooooool

What else would you like to share about the project?

Bryce 3D can be used for so much more than just landscapes.

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