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Chastain Family Greeting 2009

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By graphicssoft

Chastain Family Greeting 2009

Merry Christmas to all my readers!

My Holiday Project

This is my very last-minute Chastain family e-greeting for Christmas 2009.

Project Details and Instructions

The card was created entirely in Photoshop Elements 8. The poinsettia background and Christmas ornaments are from the content that comes in Photoshop Elements 8. (Some of it may have been premium content from Photoshop.com Plus membership.)

The photo of my husband and I was taken earlier in the year. I used the smart brush tool to change my shirt color to red, add color to my lips, and whiten hubby's teeth a bit.

I did some color adjustment on the photo of our dog, Drifter, using a shadow/highlights adjustment, and then color variation. I used the quick selection tool and refine edge adjustments to cut Drifter out from the background, then I copied and pasted him into the greeting card project.

The font for the text is "Ravie" which I enhanced with the default "Wow" layer effects included in Photoshop Elements. The two layer effects used were "Wow Neon Green" and "Wow Chrome" and I used the style settings dialog to tweak them a bit more.

Tips and Tricks

  • Save early.
  • Save often.
  • Did I mention Save?
  • I was 95% percent done with the card when Elements crashed on me and I lost it all because I hadn't saved. I had to start over completely from scratch including the edits to both photos, and the dog extraction. Ah well, it turned out better the second time.

What else would you like to share about the project?

Merry Christmas to all my readers!

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