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Reader Submissions: Holiday Projects Using Graphics Software


Graphics software can help you make unique, personalized gifts and holiday projects such as greeting cards, personalized calendars, slide shows, gift tags, wrapping paper, gift tags, invitations, decorations, photo art, scrapbooks, and more. Browse the holiday gifts and projects our readers have made with graphics software.

Wreath Christmas Card

The photo was taken at the mall. In Photoshop CS4 I added a layer above the photo and using the marquee tool create a selection. Fill the selection with white and lower the opacity. Create a text lay…More

Disobedient Reindeer Cartoon by Sandra

I used Adobe Illustrator and its Paintbrush Tool, with the stoke set to 1pt Charcoal. It didn't take long to get used to drawing on the tablet with the pen that comes with it. In fact, it felt simila…More

Snowy Christmas Greeting Card

I used Photoshop to do this project starting with the snowy scene. I wanted to give it a sort of old time feel, not so much Currier and Ives, but along that line.I next added the decorated tree and u…More

Custom Keds Sneakers for Easter

I used a free, online graphic design software & image and photo editor called Fatpaint (http://fatpaint.com).It was pretty simple to create the design because Fatpaint had all the tools necessary to …More

Festive Christmas Scrapbook 2-Page Spread

I made this project in Heritage Makers using already made cluster frames. I chose a kit and got to work! It didn't take very long, but I did have some challenges along the way. I love using kits beca…More

Thanksgiving Turkey Triptych by Huntstrong

I used Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.I found three coloring pages online at various websites by searching for coloring book pages for Thanksgiving. I painted each using the paint bucket tool and assorte…More

Halloween Ghostly Greeting

I took a photo of my daughter in a ghost costume using blacklight for the lighting. (See instructions at About Photography)Then I used Photoshop Elements to adjust the levels a bit and crop the photo…More

Halloween Troll Card

I used my original photo of the Troll under the Bridge in Seattle and made a few adjustments in Adobe Raw Converter. In Photoshop CS5 I used the Pixel Bender oil paint filter and then Topaz Adjust fi…More

Fantasy Movie Poster for Halloween

A composite created in Photoshop CS4 using several images. The old house is a Victorian mansion in Sugar Creek, MO. The lights in the Window are gradient overlays.I used levels to make it night and a…More

Eggs in a Basket - Easter 2010

I started with the starting image given and deleted the background. Colored the eggs individually and changed the layer mode to linear burn. Added the ducklings downloaded from the internet. Finally …More

Leprechaun Celebration St. Patrick's Day Greeting

For this week's challenge I found some St. Patrick's Day coloring book images at coloringbookfun.com.The link is below if anyone is interested.http://www.coloringbookfun.com/St%20Patricks%20Day%202/T…More

Celtic Knot and Dingle Bay St. Patrick's Day Greeting

As I was born in Ireland, but left when I was a baby, I wanted to do something to acknowledge my heritage. The background image is a shot of my birthplace, Dingle Bay in County Kerry. I then added a …More

Karate Event Posters

With Photoshop Elements 7, I isolated the subjects from the background by applying layer masks and painting on the masks to reveal only the subjects. Shadows were lightened with the dodge tool and th…More

Gold Foil Cupid Valentine's Day Greeting

I used Paint Shop Photo Pro X3- I'm not used to the name change Pro Photo to Photo Pro.Most of the elements are picture tubes. The gold foil heart was one of Sue's freebies I'm pretty sure.I made the…More

Hearts Background Papers

In Photoshop Elements 2, I used the heart shape tool to make two vertical rows of three hearts on a white background and SKS-redstyles to give them a satin effect and flattened the image. I then used…More

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