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Photoshop Elements 11 for Mac

Reader Reviews: Adobe Photoshop Elements

User Rating 2 Star Rating

By Andy

Version Reviewed (i.e. Photoshop Elements 8): 

Photoshop Elements 11

Approximate Date of Purchase: 

Jan 2013

My Review 

I have Elements 10 on Windows, having bought a fancy Macbook Pro for Christmas I wanted the same software on both. As version 11 was out it seemed logical to get that.

Since then I have struggled, a combination of conscious "upgrades" and what seem to be Mac platform imposed changes are driving me crazy. I just want my Windows version of Elements 10 back.

What is the best feature of Photoshop Elements? 

RAW processing and Elements Editor, the new tools are good.

How could Photoshop Elements be improved? 

Allow automatic monitoring of folders on Mac versions

Bring back the albums that have set criteria as the saved searches are a downgrade in my eyes, 1 click is now 3-4 clicks.

Allow users control over sidebar size, 60% of my 13" screen is lost in oversized icons (supposed improvement from 11)

Was Photoshop Elements a good value for the price paid? 

No, I wish i'd got something else, it's driving me crazy, loads of really good functions that don't quite do what i want/need.

Knowing version 10 on Windows will do it just makes it even worse!

In what ways do you use Photoshop Elements? 

Organising and processing all my photos.

Managing my workflow from RAW through PSD to JPEG for others.

How long have you used Photoshop Elements? 

1-3 years

On what operating system do you use Photoshop Elements? 

Both Windows and Mac

Would you recommend this to a friend? 

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