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Corel Paint Shop Pro X3 Ultimate - Junk

Reader Reviews: Corel PaintShop Pro / PaintShop Photo Pro / Paint Shop Pro

User Rating 1 Star Rating

By WanaM3

Version Reviewed (i.e. PaintShop Photo Pro X3): 

Corel Paint Shop Pro X3 Ultimate

Approximate Date of Purchase: 

November 2010

My Review 

Does not function as well as older versions. Crashes are far too numerous, and lockups are a constant problem. Noise removal portion is inferior to X2. Can't think of any reason why I would purchase again. It's utter junk. I wish I had not given my old X2 version away. Would prefer a negative rating for this product.

Best Attribute: 

None - X2 was superior

Worst Attribute: 

Constant crashes. Constant lockups. Total lack of support by Corel.

Was PaintShop a good value for the price paid? 

Absolutely NOT.

In what ways do you use PaintShop? 

Editing of photos from my camera.

How long have you used PaintShop? 

3-5 years

System Running PaintShop: 

Windows XP

Tips and Advice: 

Don't buy X3.

Would you recommend this to a friend? 


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