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VideoPix - Grab Stills from Videos

Reader Reviews: iOS Apps for Digital Photo Editing

User Rating 4 Star Rating

By graphicssoft

VideoPix - Grab Stills from Videos

Cropped in VideoPix, noise reduction and vignette added in Photoshop Express.

VideoPix - Grab Stills from Videos

VideoPix's simple user interface.

Approximate Date of Purchase: 

March 2011

Cost of App 

99 cents

What are the best features of this app? 

VideoPix allows me to get better still pictures from my iPod touch and iPad cameras.

How could this app be improved? 

It crashes and freezes every now and again. The in-app help could be better.

My Review 

If you own an iPad 2 or an iPod touch 4, you know the cameras are not great, but you may have also noticed that the quality of videos seems better than the still pictures you get from the back-facing camera. VideoPix is a 99 cent app that can help you get better quality still pictures from your iOS devices by grabbing frames from video captures and saving them as still pictures. Although taking a video capture and then saving frames is a multiple-step process, there are several benefits to capturing still pictures this way:

1. Improved quality.

2. You get a larger overall picture on iPad and iPod touch, since videos have a resolution of 1280x720 pixels at 16:9 ratio and still pictures are saved at 960x720 pixels for a 4:3 ratio.

3. Capturing video makes it much easier to capture a specific moment, especially in action situations. You can capture a variety of expressions within one video, and pick the best to save as a picture.

4. It is much easier to press the record button and let the video run, than trying to hold your device steady and press the camera button at the precise moment when the action you're trying to capture occurs. With the large size of the iPad, it is almost impossible to hold the device steady with two hands and reach to press the shutter button at the same time.

VideoPix can import videos from your device's camera roll or from iTunes file sharing, and it supports up to full 1080p video. Once you have chosen a video you can review it in slow motion or high speed to scan for the frames you wish to save. You can also review the video one frame at a time or skip forward and back in longer increments.

When you find a frame you want to keep, you can save it as-is or perform a few basic edits--cropping, sepia tint, or black and white conversion. The app can save to your device's camera roll, or to its own library storage. The VideoPix library stores up to 20 frame grabs and functions as temporary storage until you decide which pictures you want to email or move to the devices built-in camera roll. On iPhone and iPod touch you can also post directly to Facebook from the app.

VideoPix is a universal app compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.1 or later.

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