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Reader Reviews : iOS Apps for Digital Photo Editing


Apple's touch-screen iPhone has a pretty decent digital camera built right into it, and now the 4th generation iPod touch and iPad 2 also have cameras. There are hundreds of apps available for the iOS devices which allow you to capture and edit digital photos right in the palm of your hand. Learn what other users have to say about digital photo editing apps for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Browse this collection of user reviews of iOS photo editing software.

iColorama for iPad

You can use it to modify your photos and apply a lot of effects. I could not find these effects in other apps. Not even Snapseed had them. Very good UI, simple to learn and use with spectacular resul…More

Luminance for iPad

I've been using an iPad as a portable storage device for my husband's photography hobby when we travel, and have been looking for a free app that would offer some basic image editing features. I down…More

VideoPix - Grab Stills from Videos

If you own an iPad 2 or an iPod touch 4, you know the cameras are not great, but you may have also noticed that the quality of videos seems better than the still pictures you get from the back-facing…More

ColorRight iBal - Prevents Color Casts

When shooting under tungsten or fluorescent light, etc. I can obtain a clean white balance as long as I'm staying in the same light. If I move into a different light I have to rebalance. Otherwise, I…More

Diptic - Quick and Simple Collage Layouts

Diptic is appealing in its simplicity. In no time flat you can create a photo collage right on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. The appeal of this app, for me, is that it gives a little extra punch …More

PhotoWizard Lite - Powerful Editing and Effects

PhotoWizard Lite is one of the more powerful iOS photo editors I have found so far. It offers a ton of adjustments and effects for your photos, and even includes masking tools for selective adjustmen…More

Photo Wall - Adds Pizazz to iPod touch Snaps

Photo Wall is an app for creating collages from your photos. I recently bought the 4th generation iPod touch, and though it does have a camera, it is not a very good one. The pictures are low resolut…More

Jalbum iPhone app - Create Web Albums

Finally, one can make full html or flash photo album portfolios straight from the iPhone. Jalbum is easy to use and yet so powerful. I also like the ability to browse amazing albums from other users …More

Photogene for iPad

I downloaded Photogene because I was looking for an iPad app that would crop photos. There are dozens of apps that could adjust color, add little bubble icons and frames, or rotate the image, but I c…More

Best Camera - Filters and Effects

The iPhone's camera is OK, but it offers no controls of any sort other than point and shoot. Best Camera addresses that by offering some filters to easily modify and improve images. It also provides …More

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