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Serene stylus pen

Reader Reviews: Reviews of Stylus for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android and Other Touch Screens

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By Designersleek

Serene stylus pen

This is my stylus with the billet aluminum grip

Touch Screen Capacitive Stylus

Brand and Model of Stylus: 

Serene stylus pen

Approximate Date of Purchase: 


Best Attributes: 

This Serene stylus pen is the best stylus I have had and features a small nib tip, only 4mm, and a soft comfortable silicone grip. It is high sensitive, and has a thin arrow designed billet aluminum end tip for less screen obstruction. It is definitely a writers, or artist's stylus. serenestylus.com

Worst Attributes: 

It is a little pricy, although it is made from aircraft grade aluminum billet and its very high quality. The best I've seen yet!


Its about 5.75 in length, its magnetized for metal surfaces.


$29 plus shipping, but well worth it. Its very unique looking too.

How would you rank the sensitivity of this stylus? 

Requires a light touch

Describe the drag of the stylus tip on the screen? 

Glides smoothly & easily

Rate the quality of construction: 


Extra Features: 

It has a stainless pocket clip with logo,includes three free replacement nibs inside the barrel, has a soft silicone grip which massages your finger tips, and they offer an optional interchangeable billet aluminum knurled finish grip if desired.

One what touch-screen devices do you use the stylus? 

I have used it on iPad 2 iPad 3, and Galaxy tablet.

What was your motivation for getting a stylus? 

Cleanliness, fine detailed work on my screen, comfort

My Review 

I find myself massaging my fingers with the silicone grip which feels very comfortable due to the knobby tread design on the grip. For a more expensive look, I somtimes switch to my interchangeable aluminum knurled finish grip

Would you recommend this to a friend? 

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