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Plai Estylo

Reader Reviews: Reviews of Stylus for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android and Other Touch Screens

User Rating 4 Star Rating

By Aman

Touch Screen Capacitive Stylus

Brand and Model of Stylus: 

Brand: Plai - Model: Estylo

Approximate Date of Purchase: 

Old version October

Best Attributes: 

There are four corners for sketching on each tip. There are two tips. I have to use only outward tip corner and back tip for sketching, not front tip. The both tip sides are inclined to axis of stylus.This corner is good for precision sketching with accurate view when viewed on a slant iPad holder stand.

Worst Attributes: 

You have to get a bit used to holding angles, not so difficult to do so!

Not advisable for writing or note taking.


No proper idea, but almost as long as the smallest side of iPad screen.


Very affordable, may be cheaper than Dagi and Jot pro

How would you rank the sensitivity of this stylus? 

Requires a light touch

Describe the drag of the stylus tip on the screen? 

Glides smoothly & easily

Rate the quality of construction: 


Extra Features: 

Optional magnetic cling, wonderful color options for Estylo with magnetic cling option.

One what touch-screen devices do you use the stylus? 

iPad 2

What was your motivation for getting a stylus? 

Highly precision sketching, for detailed but rough drawings of my inventions and for detailed vehicle designs sketching.

My Review 

I think for sketching, Estylo from Plai is best. Have posted a set on flickr.com/photos/59145126@N07/sets/72157628172115599/ regarding accuracy of Estylo.

See all my 5 image photos and a video on Estylo's accuracy feature and my comments on my posts on the above stated flickr website. See the image titled-"Error in styluses with Disc tips (2nd image)" (Ostylus tip touching the screen is shown). You will find unnecessary point or line mark on the screen. This is because Capacitive screens can detect blunt edges of disc tips while they are touching the screen. However, Estylo does not have this problem, it's very accurate and simple in design. In fact, at the corners of tips of Estylo, which are used to give command on screen, Estylo has the smallest tip curves of all styluses I have seen till now, be it resistive or capacitive.

Would you recommend this to a friend? 

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