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Wacom Bamboo Fun - Nibs Wear Out

Reader Reviews: Graphics Tablet Reviews

User Rating 4 Star Rating

By zb

Graphics Tablet Brand, Model, and Size: 

Wacom Bamboo Fun, medium size.

Approximate Date of Purchase: 

November 2010

Best Attribute 

The pressure sensitivity is wonderful and the overall feel is smooth when I'm working. The design looks good as well (I own the silver).

Worst Attribute 

How fast the nibs wear out! Since my purchase I've gone through 3 of my nibs and the one I'm on at the moment is getting pretty close to having to be replaced. I've adjusted the sensitivity so that I have to put the least amount of pressure on the tablet as possible but the nibs still wear down fast.

Describe the ease of use for this tablet: 

This product was pretty easy to understand and use straight out of the box. It came with a handy tutorial that helped in set up. At first it was hard to adjust to the idea of drawing without looking at my pen, but that was minor.

Describe how you use your tablet: 

I use my tablet mainly for art; digital drawing and sometimes photo editing. I've never used it outside of home but I would be keen to use it a bit at school in media for editing.

On what operating system(s) is this tablet used? 

MacBook Pro.

Rate the quality of construction 


Rate the ease of installation 


Rate the documentation 


What did you pay? 


Rate the value for money 


My Review 

At the moment my satisfaction with this product is around 80%, it would be higher if the pen nibs didn't wear out so quickly and cause little scratches on the tablet surface.

In the pack I bought it came with several great programs for what I wanted to use it for - Photoshop Elements and Corel Painter, these programs hang every now and again but are okay overall.

Would you recommend this to a friend? 

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