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Reader Reviews : GIMP Image Editor

User Rating 3 Star Rating (13 Reviews)


The GIMP is one of the most popular free photo editors available, but it is not without some controversy. Some feel it's a powerful alternative to Photoshop, while others are bothered by its less-than-traditional user interface, and open-source status. Browse user reviews for the GIMP to help you decide if it's the best free image editor for you.

GIMP 2.6

I have used various photo editing systems over the years, with some ease. GIMP, however, is impossible to understand unless you are some kind of technical wizard. I could not get any of it to work I …More

GIMP 2.6

I tried out Gimp 2.6, Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 and Corel Paintshop X4 all at the same time to determine what would work best for me. I will say without much experience with robust image editing so…More

GIMP 2.6

I have 20 yrs in the electronic Graphic Arts. How a software can be created to be so difficult to use for the simplest of tasks is beyond me. Rotate and image 90. Save. Check file. Still not rotated.…More

GIMP - High Learning Curve

After using photoshop for years, I downloaded GIMP to see what it's about as a recommendation for family members who can't afford Photoshop. It's probably the best of the free photo programs, but it'…More

GIMP 2.6 - Worth the Effort

Well, after being a Photoshop user for 25 plus years on the Mac, I just last week bought a new laptop, PC, because I just can't afford a Mac. So, all of my licensed Mac programs are out the window fo…More

GIMP Won't Work with TIFF and JPEG Files

This review is from the general user point of view and not that of a "professional" user. I have used Adobe products extensively and found them to be useful even to laymen if a little time is spent t…More

Gimp 2.6.10

Today, I will be reviewing Gimp.Gimp is very powerful and don't get me wrong on that. It just isn't as feature-full as I would wish. Some of the features that drive me towards Photoshop and away from…More

GIMP Can Do Anything Photoshop Can

I absolutely love the Gimp. It took some time to learn how to use it properly but what advance graphics editor doesn't, at least when you want to move beyond the very basics. Like another reviewer, I…More

Simple Tasks Seem Impossible with GIMP

Gimp can make the most simple task impossible. I spent half an hour trying to move a selection until I gave up. Turned out to be a bug (which became apparent after updating). After updating I could m…More

Impressed with Results

I've been using a Gimp in conjunction with a book titled "The Photoshop Elements 7 Book for digital photographers". Most of the fairly advanced techniques for creatively manipulating images can be do…More

Routine Tasks Are Simpler in GIMP

I used GIMP because I could not afford Photoshop CS. Even after I won a free copy of Photoshop from Adobe, I continued using GIMP for most of my photo work. I admit the user interface is far from int…More

You Get What You Pay For

I have tried several iterations of Gimp because I keep thinking "you can't beat the price", but every time I'm proven wrong. The software is hard to use, confusing, and the documentation is useless. …More

GIMP is Good for Basic Photo Editing

I don't use GIMP for anything other than basic photo editing (sizing, scaling, color and gradient adjustments) but it does the job well for what I need. Plus, I love open source programs and will go …More

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