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Reader Reviews : GIMP Image Editor

User Rating 2.5 Star Rating (53 Reviews)


The GIMP is one of the most popular free photo editors available, but it is not without some controversy. Some feel it's a powerful alternative to Photoshop, while others are bothered by its less-than-traditional user interface, and open-source status. Browse user reviews for the GIMP to help you decide if it's the best free image editor for you.

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GIMP 2.8

Quite possibly the single WORST application in all of history. There is exactly one and only one reason to ever use GIMP: that being if you're too poor to afford something better. I hate it. I hate i…More

GIMP 2.8

Gimp is useless now. I tried to add a simple white background to a png logo with transparent background. The problem is once I try to export into png it complains that it cannot save the file. Since …More

GIMP 2.8

As an avid Linux user I have used Gimp since version 1. While there is a bit of a learning curve the photoshop-like interface is comfortable and familiar. It took no time at all adjusting to the addi…More

GIMP 2.8

I am a long time Paint Shop Pro user but have used GIMP off and on. Since Corel bought out Jasc and removed the British interface I determined to look elsewhere as I don't want to pay for software th…More

GIMP is Crippled Beyond Repair

This is, almost certainly, the WORST interface ever devised by man-or-woman. It is almost completely opaque. Unless you're an initiate in the Cult of GIMP, nothing makes a damned bit of sense.I hate …More

GIMP 2.8 "Utterly Crippled"

Utterly crippled program in every way. In between crashes it is nearly impossible to use. It's hard to believe that someone is actually spending so much time producing this program.This program is ma…More

GIMP 2.8

I read all these negative review and think to myself that there must be some coordinated conspiracy against GIMP.2.8 like versions before it is a pleasure to use. The interface is actually more intui…More

GIMP 2.8

I understand that this is Open Source software created by the goodwill and hard work of many people with only the best of intentions. Okay, I get it. On the other hand, GIMP sucks. Donkey dongs. Inep…More

GIMP 2.8.1

No thumbnails Open listing. So unless you can memorize hundreds of file names, this is an extremely awkward image editor to use unless you only want to do one image. Tools are good though. But the ag…More

GIMP 2.8.8

I think for the most part this is a very good program that will allow you to do almost any kind of photo manipulation you could possibly think of, however the user interface is a bit clunky and the h…More

Gimp 2.8

Having used all the major name software and gimp I can tell you it can be a steep learning curve if you are not used used to using GNU image manipulation program which is non-proprietary. This means …More

GIMP 2.6

Okay, I don't know the actual version; whatever the download is that they have available today. This program is just like Photoshop, except that it doesn't work at all. It's a struggle to get through…More

GIMP 2.8.4

Absolutely unusable. Terrible. I can't see how this code can possibly be put into production. Any of these problems could be found with just one usability study. I'd love to use GIMP if it were possi…More

GIMP 2.8

Shocker...can't even save pics in standard format ...forget it!You can see it but you can't save it....either that or the documentation is pathetic. Very frustrating.Also bad user interface and poor …More

GIMP 2.6

Even if GIMP is the only program I have open it is extremely slow, and when selecting tools using my tablet it often freezes. The process of drawing something takes twice as long as it should, and so…More

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