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Picture Publisher:

Picture Publisher is an image editor and painting application from Micrografx. In fact, it was one of the first mainstream photo editors for Windows. After Picture Publisher 8, the name was changed to iGrafx Image which was only available in the iGrax Designer Suite.

After several years without an update, in 2001 Micrografx released a new version of Picture Publisher and Designer. Picture Publisher 9 was made available in astandalone version, and also bundled in the Designer 9 Suite.

Soon after the Micrografx release, Corel acquired Picture Publisher and the iGrafx line from Micrografx. Corel released Picture Publisher 10 and Picture Publisher Digital Camera Edition, but there has been little news or development since. As of now, it appears that development of Picture Publisher has been quietly abandoned.

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Alternate spellings: micrografix picturepublisher picpub micrographics micrographx micrograph mgx

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