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Fractal Design Painter, Metacreations Painter and Painter 3D


Painter, Painter Classic, and Painter 3D:

Painter is a professional natural-media painting program that was formerly published by MetaCreations and Fractal Design Corporation prior to that. Painter 3D is a natural media painting tool for 3D models. In 1999, MetaCreations divested itself of most of its graphics products, including Painter, Painter Classic, and Painter 3D.

All products were since purchased by Corel. The original developers of Painter were retained by Corel Corporation for consulting on the future development of Painter. In August 2001, Procreate Painter 7 was released. In 2003, Corel Painter 8 was released. In 2004, Corel released Painter IX (Painter 9).

Painter 3D has been discontinued. Users looking to replace Painter 3D should look at Deep Paint 3D from Right Hemisphere.

Alternate spellings: painter3d coral

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