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Electronic Arts Deluxe Paint and DPaint


Electronic Arts Deluxe Paint and DPaint:

A forum member recently asked about Electronic Arts' Deluxe Paint including DPaint I, DPaint II, DPaint III, and DPaint IV:

" And what happened to "electronic arts corp." and did someone purchase the rights to their software, if so who and if it was a large corp that produces graphic programs, shame on them for suppressing the re-release of dpaint and sad for the consumer to miss the most intuitive graphics program ever published. I challange anyone to show me more bang for the memory,ease of use and advanced graphic tools in one paint program. Thanks. " - Lance

My Answer: Electronic Arts (aka EA) is still around, but they are a game developer now. Apparently, Deluxe Paint was abandoned.

You might want to take a look at the shareware Ultimate Paint. On their Web site they say, "It's similar to what good old Deluxe Paint has, so if you're familiar with DP, you will love Ultimate Paint."

ArtGem (now discontinued) is another shareware product that has been compared to DPaint.

And pro motion is yet another. "...pro motion was designed similar to the legendary Deluxe Paint which became very popular on the Amiga computer systems. Thus it is the best solution for all people who have been moving from Amiga to PC."

For information about additional graphics software products that have been discontinued, changed names, changed ownership, or become otherwise obsolete, please see the main index.

Alternate spellings: electronicarts deluxepaint dpaint digipaint2 deluxpaint delux ea

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