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Software for creating, editing, compressing, optimizing, animating, and working with Web graphics. Includes software designed for specific aspects of Web graphics creation, such as creating image maps, producing ad banners, working with Web-safe colors, creating buttons, slicing images, designing rollovers, and for automating or simplifying Web graphics production. Although most pixel and vector based image editing software can be used for Web graphics, specialized Web graphics tools may perform certain tasks better than your primary graphics software.
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SWiSH 2.0 Software Review and Rating
Summary and overview of SWiSH 2.0, an affordable full-featured animation tool for creating special effects and motion graphics for the Web.

Top Picks: Web Graphics Software for Windows
When it comes to selecting a Web graphics program, there are so many choices it can often be difficult to determine which program is right for you. These picks summarize some of the top Windows software for creating Web graphics.

Top Picks: Web Graphics Software for Macintosh
When it comes to selecting a Web graphics program, there are so many choices it can often be difficult to determine which program is right for you. These picks summarize some of the top Macintosh software for creating Web graphics.

CompactDraw (Win)
Featured Download - Vector & bitmap editing in one package for creating Web graphics, logos, multimedia interfaces, rendered textures surfaces, digital art, illustrations, and more. $45 US.

CoffeeCup Image Mapper (Win)
Featured Download - Create image maps with a wizard interface, add mouseover text, and export to HTML. $20

e-Picture Pro (Win/Mac)
Featured Download - e-Picture Pro integrates graphic design and animation, combining the advantages of bitmaps and vectors into one product.

CuteMAP (Win)
Featured Download - Create linked image maps without calculating coordinates, include mouseover text and ALT text. Supports GIF, JPEG, and PNG formats. $19.95 US.

ImageLab (Win)
Featured Download - A tool for non-designers to easily modify and optimize clipart and other images for use on a Web site. Shareware $39.95 US.

The Castle SplitImage (Win)
Featured Download - Software for dividing an image into multiple parts and generating the HTML code for use on web pages.

Xara Webstyle (Win)
No skill required... easily create custom buttons, bullets, dividers, headings, and backgrounds for your web pages.

3DWebButton (Win)
Create textured 3D buttons and headings with a simple step-by-step interface. Beta version. Demo available.

Background Magic (Win)
"Easy to use freeware that enables anyone to create professional quality web graphics, including background tiles, left border backgrounds, matching buttons and banners... even email stationery." The basic program is free, fully functional, and never times out, but it is limited to only 25 image tiles and you can't import images. Upgrading to the Pro version is $29.95US.

Banner Maker Pro (Win)
Create banners, buttons, and other web graphics step-by-step using a wizard-like interface.

Crystal Button (Win)
"With Crystal Button you can create a variety of 2D and 3D glassy, metallic, plastic and even XP / Mac OS style buttons." Shareware - $29.95 US.

Flaming Pear Webmaster Series (Win/Mac)
Formerly known as Furbo Filters, the Creative Pack has been updated and re-released by Flaming Pear. Browser Preview shows the effects of compression, colors sets, and monitors on web images, Web Posterize lets you design in web-safe colors, Web Scrubber snaps colors to the web-safe set.

Itsagif (Win/Mac)
Convert Macintosh PICT or Windows BMP files into GIF files with more than 256 colors. Shareware, $22 US.

Just Buttons (Win)
Easily create buttons and navigation bars for your web page. $19.95 US.

NetStudio Easy Web Graphics (Win)
Simplified Web graphics creation geared toward business users and FrontPage users.

PhotoWebber (Win/Mac)
Convert your layered Photoshop files into complete Web pages without slicing and coding. $199 Online, $249 Packaged.

Stone Design Web Tools Suite (Mac)
This Web design suite for Mac OS X includes Create, GIFfun, Web Slice & Dice, Pack Up & Go, and Web Colors.

Web Presenter Pro Plugin (Win/Mac)
"When it comes to outputting digital files for the web, monitor or projectors, some photographers may have difficulty obtaining sharp and detailed resized files. The WP Pro series Plugin and its automated routines come to the rescue by providing high image quality files with just the press of a button." For Photoshop Elements 1.0 and 2.0 and Photoshop 5.5, 6.0, 7.0 or higher.

WebShocker (Mac)
"A fully integrated and streamlined environment for creating, maintaining and previewing Web animations." Create GIF animations, animated banners, Java animations and QuickTime movies. Shareware - $49US.

Xara Menu Maker (Win)
Menu Maker is a vector graphics template based program that allows you to create navigation bars with DHTML menus.

Zoomifyer (Win/Mac)
Zoomifyer makes high-resolution images easily viewable over the Web. Converted images can be published just like JPEGs - no special server software is required and viewing alternatives include QuickTime, Java, ActiveX - even clientless using only HTML and JavaScript.

ZPaint (Win)
Create 3D buttons and other shapes for your Web site. Features include color/texture selection, adjustable extrusion depth, gloss and other effects. Freeware.

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