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Cropper - Free Screen Capture Tool for Windows


Cropper's floating frame

Cropper's floating frame.

From the Developer::

Cropper is a screen capture utility written in C# on the Microsoft .Net platform. It makes it fast and easy to grab parts of your screen. Use it to easily crop out sections of vector graphic files such as Fireworks without having to flatten the files or open in a new editor. Use it to easily capture parts of a web site, including text and images. It's also great for writing documentation that needs images of your application or web site.

The files are saved straight to a folder of your choice in the format you specify or to the clipboard or printer. No more 'Print Screen'... open image editor... paste from clipboard... crop... export. Just double-click the form or press enter, and whatever is visible below the form is captured.

Guide Comments::

Cropper is a pretty nifty free screen capture tool I came across recently. When you run it from a keyboard shortcut or the tray icon, it puts a floating transparent box on your screen which you can move freely and resize by dragging the corner. Move the frame around the screen and simply double click to capture the area under the box.

Cropper is very handy if you need to take a series of screen shots all the same size. You can also set it to automatically generate a second, scaled-down thumbnail image for each capture. This is the first tool I've come across that does automatic thumbnails of screen shots.

Another unique feature is the ability to have transparent portions of the captured window filled with a solid color in the final capture. This is useful when capturing 'skinned' user interfaces that don't have a typical rectangular window shape.

Cropper captures can be saved automatically to the folder of your choice as BMP, PNG, or JPEG files, or you can have them copied or sent directly to your printer. All options can be set by simply right-clicking on the floating capture frame.

Cropper isn't perfect; it can't capture menus, cursors, and transparent windows, for example. But it is definitely a unique approach to screen capture, and worth having in your arsenal of cool and useful tools. Developer Brian Scott offers the program for free, and the source code is also available. Well done, Brian!

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Cropper Home Page on CodePlex

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