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TechSmith SnagIt 9 Screen Capture Utility for Windows

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TechSmith SnagIt 9 Editor

TechSmith SnagIt 9 Editor

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The Bottom Line

SnagIt is one of the most comprehensive and powerful screen capture utilities available for Windows, offering advanced features and extra tools for organizing, simplifying, and editing screen captures. If you produce Windows screen shots on a regular basis, SnagIt is a must-have tool and version 9 adds even more productivity-enhancing features. A 30-day trial version is available for download.


  • One of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use screen capture programs available.
  • Saves captures automatically and allows you to combine multiple captures easily.
  • Offers many unique, advanced extras in the powerful SnagIt Editor.
  • Ability to save often-used settings as a profile frees you from setting options at capture time.
  • Offers multiple views so you can use the interface you are most comfortable with.


  • SnagIt is for Windows only.


  • Grab any portion of the screen: single objects, entire screens, even windows that scroll off screen.

  • Input from full screen, window, region, fixed region, object, menu. Capture screen activity to a video file.

  • Output to printer, clipboard, file, email, Web, another program, and more. Preview & edit before saving.

  • Capture editable text from dialog boxes and other screens where it ordinarily can't be copied.

  • Auto-scroll lets you copy from Windows that extend beyond the visible screen area with horizontal and vertical scrolling.

  • Customize and save a variety of capture profiles; access them quickly with SnagIt OneClick, a compact, auto-hiding window.

  • Web Capture automates capturing all image files from a Web site, including linked pages.

  • Add-ins help facilitate sending captures to and from Word, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Outlook, and other programs.

  • Includes SnagIt Editor, a powerful tool for adding markup, annotations, and effects to captures.

  • Automatically catalogs and saves all your captures, including the source information, for easy reference.

Guide Review - TechSmith SnagIt 9 Screen Capture Utility for Windows

TechSmith first published SnagIt in 1990, and their long-time dedication to creating a superior screen capture tool really stands out. SnagIt offers more features than any similar tool I've used, yet remains easy to use. Not only does SnagIt facilitate the capturing of a variety of content including images, text, and video, it also includes the tools needed to annotate, mark up, organize, convert, edit and share captured content. TechSmith also offers several optional accessories for integrating screen capture with other software such as Microsoft OneNote, Firefox, Skype, Flickr, and popular blogging platforms. You can also download custom capture profiles and extra stamps for enhancing your captures.

SnagIt has always provided innovative features not found in other capture tools--special effects, vector-based editable markup tools, and comprehensive output formats. SnagIt 9 brings a number of new productivity enhancing features such as automatic saving of captures and the ability to work with multiple captures more easily. Previously, SnagIt required you to finish each capture and save it before taking another, but now you don't have to interrupt your workflow to save between captures; you can capture as many items as you need and add markup to them later--even save them as a batch process. Finding captures is also easier now that SnagIt saves the source of all your captures, including the URL if it's a Web page. You can also add tags and keywords to help you find captures later.

If you produce Windows screen shots on a regular basis, you won't find a more powerful tool than SnagIt. TechSmith surprises me with each new version of SnagIt, always adding innovative new features I never knew I needed — until I start using them! SnagIt 9 is the best version yet, and certainly worthy of the small upgrade price for existing users.


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