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How to Fix Pet Eye in Your Photos


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Fixing Pet Eye - Introduction
Fix Pete Eye

This tutorial shows an easy fix for the glowing white or green pet eyes you often get when taking photos of animals with camera flash.

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Most photo editing software these days has special tools for quickly and easily removing red eye from your photos. But often, these red eye tools don't work on "pet eye" in your dog and cat photos. Pet eye is the glowing white, green, red, or yellow eye reflections that you often get when taking photos of pets or other animals in low light conditions when a camera flash is used. Because pet eye is not always red, the automatic red eye tools sometimes don't work well — if at all.

This tutorial shows you a fairly easy way to fix the pet eye problem simply by painting over the problem part of the eye in your photo-editing software. You can follow this tutorial using any software that supports layers, though I am using Photoshop Elements for these screen shots. You should have some basic familiarity with your software's paintbrush and layer features for working this tutorial.

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