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Removing Red Eye from Digital Photos

Most of the instant fixes for red eye don't work very well, but you can learn to correct red eye the right way with easy step-by-step tutorials. It's not that hard to do manually, and the results are generally better than anything you'll get from those one-click, so-called miracle tools. Also includes some specialized red eye removal tools.

Fix Pet Eye Quickly with Picnik
The online photo editor Picnik provides a quick way to fix pet eye--those glowing white or green eyes in your pet photos.

How to Remove Red Eye Using Photo Pos Pro
This tutorial demonstrates the simple steps to remove red eye from an image using the Red Eye Reduction tool in Photo Pos Pro.

Red Eye Removal in PhotoPlus SE
Red eye is a common problem that affects photographs of people taken in low light with on-camera flash. It causes the pupils to shine a bright red as a result of the flash light reflecting off the blood vessels in the back of the eye. Pixel-based image editors have long given photographers the power to correct this problem, but this has become even easier now as more and more image editors conta…

Free Photoshop Action for Red Eye Removal
Download a free red eye removal action for Adobe Photoshop. This action was created by site reader "Lonely Walker" an contributed for anyone to download and use.

Red Eye Tool in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements
The Red Eye Tool introduced in in Photoshop CS2 and Photoshop Elements 3 works great on a variety of red eye images.

Fixing Pet Eye in Your Photos - White Eye or Pet Eye Tutorial
Pet eye is the glowing white, green, red, or yellow eye reflections that you often get when taking photos of pets or animals in low light conditions when a flash is used. This tutorial shows you a fairly easy way to fix the pet eye problem using photo-editing software to paint over the problem part of the eye. You can follow this tutorial using any software that supports layers.

How To Remove Red Eye in Photoshop (any Version)
Step-by step instructions for removing red eye with any version of Photoshop.

Remove Redeye in Photoshop - Animated Tutorial
A visual demonstration of how to remove redeye in Adobe Photoshop. Requires the Shockwave Flash player.

How To Remove Red Eye in Photoshop Elements
Photoshop Elements includes a special red-eye brush tool, but you may find it doesn't always give the best results. This is a very easy method that works in nearly all situations.

How To Remove Red Eye in Paint Shop Pro (any Version)
Step-by step instructions for removing red eye with Paint Shop Pro.

Paint Shop Pro X - Removing Red-Eye with the Red Eye Tool
Paint Shop Pro has two features to help you remove that unsightly, unwanted red eye. The first is the Red Eye tool. You simply select the tool, adjust its size, and click away on top of the red pixels, until you are happy with the results.

Red Eye Removal Command in Paint Shop Pro
If the Red Eye Remover tool doesn't do the job for you then you might want to try the second method in Paint Shop Pro- The Red Eye Removal command on the adjust menu.

How To Remove Red Eye in PhotoDeluxe
These step-by step instructions for removing red eye in PhotoDeluxe will give you much better results than the guided activity.

How To Remove Red Eye in Corel Photo-Paint
Step-by step instructions for removing red eye with Corel Photo-Paint.

Remove Red-Eye with the Sponge Tool in Photoshop or Elements
"This is a slight variation on red eye removal tips you may have seen elsewhere, but its very quick and very effective."

Red Eye Rant (There's a Better Way)
More on red eye including links for avoiding red eye when shooting, and tips from our members.

AlphaPlugins RedEyes (Win)
Free plugin to remove red eyes from digital photos.

Andromeda RedEyePro Filter (Win/Mac)
[Plug-in] Red Eye removal filter for Photoshop. Preserves glints and reflections, allows you to choose replacement color, corrects human and animal eyes, RGB and CMYK compatible.

Anti Red Eye Plug-in (Win)
[Plug-in] "Anti Red Eye is a Photoshop plugin that can remove the common 'red-eye' effect from your images almost automatically." Freeware (see note at top of page.)

ArtEyes (Win)
"ARTEyes is an indispensable tool for removing the red-eye effect from digital photos and the eye color correction. With ARTEyes you can, for example, change the person's eye color so that it will match his or her clothes color."

Pet Eye Pilot (Win)
"Remove red, blue, green eyes from your pet's photos with Pet Eye Pilot."

Red Eye Pilot (Win)
[Stand-alone] Remove red eye from digital photos in two clicks. "You can adjust the pupil area and brightness, and preview the results real-time. The program keeps structure of the pupil." Shareware US$29.95

Red Eye Remover (Win)
[Stand-alone] "Red Eye Remover is an easy in use program that is able to remove red-eye effect from your images almost automatically. Just select a rectangular are around the eye and our program will automatically detect pupil and correct it." Freeware.

RedEyeBot (Win)
"FirmTools RedEye Bot scans your entire collection of digital photos or any part of it, detecting and removing red-eye completely automatically."

Remove Red Eye with Photoshop's Channel Mixer
"Any number of consumer-level graphics applications out there provide you with one-click red-eye reduction for your photographs. But with Adobe Photoshop, you can use the advanced Channel Mixer to take out colors more precisely, whether its the red in a person's eye or the green or yellow in an animal's eye. And you can use Actions in Photoshop to automate the process."

STOIK RedEye AutoFix (Win)
"This red eye removal software uses sophisticated proprietary algorithms to automatically detect and remove red eye effect in digital photos. You can even process photos without opening them - simply select one or multiple photos on your computer or camera, right-click and select 'Fix Red Eye' command from context menu which will run STOIK RedEye Autofix behind the scenes."

StopRedEye (Win)
"StopRedEye removes red-eye defect on digital photos entirely automatically. Our main goal was to develop a tool that would be convenient for most people not familiar with professional graphics editors."

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