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Getting New Photos into Photoshop Elements Organizer

Adobe Photo Downloader


Now that you've learned the basics of organizing your existing photos, you're going to want to add to your collection over time. There are several ways you can add new photos to Photoshop Elements Organizer:
  • Adobe Photo Downloader
  • Watched Folders
  • Get Photos Command
  • Drag & Drop
When adding photos from my digital camera, I like to use the Adobe Photo Downloader which takes over automatically anytime you connect your digital camera, or insert your camera's media into a card reader.

Click here for a screen shot of Adobe Photo Downloader.

When using the photo downloader you have an opportunity to review the photos on the memory card, select the photos you'd like to import, rotate ay photos that need it, choose a location for the new photos, and rename the photos as they are transferred. Keep in mind that you can drag a corner of the dialog box to resize it, and there is a slider if you'd like to adjust the thumbnail size.

If you want to use the default save files location from preferences, all you need to do is click the Get Photos button and Elements will import the new photos. However, I usually prefer to click browse and choose an existing folder or create a new folder for each batch of photos. By checking the rename box, you can replace the camera-assigned name for the entire batch of photos.

After you click Get Photos, a status bar will show you the progress, the thumbnail will briefly be displayed, and then you will be asked whether or not you want to delete the files from your card reader. This is perfectly safe to do. Elements verifies that the files have been properly copied before prompting you to delete. If you only transferred a portion of the files on your memory card, only those files will be deleted, and the rest will remain on the card.

Some cameras that capture video clips also store a small thumbnail of the video file's first frame. Organizer does not use this thumbnail, and it is not copied from the memory card when you import your photos. If you want to copy the thumbnail to your computer, you will need to do it manually. These thumbnails are also left behind when Organizer deletes a batch of files from the memory card, so you might want to format your card after copying all the photos from it.

If you don't like the photo Downloader popping up every time you connect your camera, you can disable it in preferences and use one of the other methods of adding photos. Watched Folders, the Get Photos command, and the Drag & Drop method of adding photos have already been covered in previous lessons.

After importing your photos, only the new photos are shown in the photo browser. At this point, you'll want to:

  • Review the photos at full screen size (See next lesson on Photo Review).
  • Purge any unwanted photos.
  • Verify the file date and time and adjust if necessary.
  • Apply keyword tags to all the photos.
  • Tag and rate your favorites from the batch.
  • Add captions and notes.

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