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Resize Multiple Files with Photoshop Elements


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Process Multiple Files Command
Process Multiple Files Command
How can I resize a whole folder of pictures or multiple pictures using Photoshop Elements?

Sometimes when you want to post photos on the Web or email them, it is better to scale them down to a smaller size so your recipient can load them faster. Or, you may want to scale the pictures down to get them to fit on a CD, memory card, or flash drive. You can resize a whole folder of pictures or multiple pictures at once using Photoshop Elements Editor or Organizer. This tutorial will walk you through both methods.

I'll start by showing you the method for Photoshop Elements Editor because many people don't realize there is a powerful batch processing tool built in to Elements Editor. This works best for processing an entire folder of images rather than multiple images from different places.

Open Photoshop Elements editor, and choose File > Process Multiple Files.

The screen shown here will appear.

Note: The Process Multiple Files command goes back as far as version 3.0--maybe even earlier, I don't recall.
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