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Turn a Photo Into a Polaroid with Photoshop Elements


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Introduction to Polaroid Effect
Polaroid Frame Photo

Follow this tutorial to learn how to make a Polaroid frame for your photos like this one using Photoshop Elements.

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Earlier on the site, I posted about the Polaroid-o-nizer Web site where you could upload a photo and have it instantly converted to look like a Polaroid. I thought it would be a fun tutorial to show you how you can do this effect on your own with Photoshop Elements. It's a great way to learn about working with layers and layer styles. This is a neat effect for when you want to add a little something to a photo you plan to use on the Web or in a scrapbook layout.

Although these screen shots are for an older version, you should be able to follow along with any recent version of PSE. If you have any trouble you can get help with this tutorial in the forum.

There is also a video version of this tutorial and a Ready-To-Use Polaroid Kit you can download.

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