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Combining Two Photos into One Page in Photoshop Elements


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Combine Two Photos Into One Page in Photoshop Elements
Combine Two Photos into One Page with Photoshop Elements

This tutorial will show you how to combine two photos into one document using Photoshop Elements and add some text to the new document.

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Sometimes those of us who have been doing this for a while can forget how confusing this graphics stuff can be for people just starting out. A simple task like combining two photos into a single document is probably second nature for us, but for the beginner it's not always so obvious.

With this tutorial, I will show brand new Photoshop Elements users, how they can combine two photos onto one page. This is something you might want to do to show a before and after version of an image correction, or just to compare two pictures side-by-side. you'll also learn how to add some text to the new document, as this is another basic task that a new user may wish to learn.

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