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Golden Light Sunlight Effect in Photoshop Elements without Plug-ins


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You Don't Need Plug-Ins to Create Golden Light in Photoshop Elements
Golden Sunlight Effects
Photos via Pixabay, licensed under Creative Commons. Text © Liz Masoner

There are tons of plug-ins out there for adding the look of golden sunlight to your photos.  Whether it is a dramatic golden hour type glow or a more subtle wash of golden light, almost all of the tutorials out there call for using a purchased plug-in to create the effect.  You don’t need a costly plug-in to create the look of golden sunlight.

In fact, creating these looks are incredibly simple once you know the process.   I’ll be covering two ends of the spectrum of the golden sunlight look.  Once you know these two versions you can easily make minor adjustments to create whatever look you desire.

This tutorial is written using PSE12 but should work with any version that includes gradient mapping.

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