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Edit JPEG Files in Camera Raw with Photoshop Elements

Perform non-destructive processing on your JPEG files with Camera Raw


Did you know you can open your JPEG photo in Adobe Camera Raw with Photoshop Elements? This will give you all the same non-destructive photo adjustments that you have available for processing raw files-- white balance, exposure, fill light, brightness, contrast, sharpening, noise reduction, red eye removal, straightening, and so on. Unfortunately, you can't open a JPEG into Camera Raw from the Organizer component of Photoshop Elements. It must be done from the Editor.

To open a JPEG in Camera Raw:

  • Go to the File Menu and choose Open As… (or press Ctrl-Alt-O).

  • The Open As dialog box will appear. Next to "Open As" at the bottom of the dialog, pull down the menu and choose the "Camera Raw" option.

  • Browse to the JPEG file on you computer that you want to work with, then double-click it to open.

  • The Camera Raw window will open in full screen mode where you can make your adjustments. Press 'F' to toggle full screen off or on.

  • On the right you will find three tabs for making image adjustments - Basic, Detail, and Camera Calibration.

  • Along the top you will find tools for adjusting white balance, cropping, straightening, adjusting red eye, rotating, and accessing Camera Raw preferences.

  • When You finish working with the photos, press "Done" to apply the changes and quit, press "Open Image" to apply the changes and go to the Editor, or press "Save Image…" to convert the image to another format when saving.

This tip has been confirmed to work in Photoshop Elements 5 and up. It may work in older versions, but has not been confirmed. If you have trouble opening your JPEG files in Photoshop Elements, make sure you have the correct Camera Raw plug-in installed for your version of Photoshop Elements. Visit the updates page on Adobe.com to check for Camera Raw updates and compatibility.

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