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Photo Downloader Standard Dialog

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The Adobe Photo Downloader (APD) helps you import your photos automatically or with custom settings.
Photo Downloader Standard Dialog

Photo Downloader Standard Dialog

The Adobe Photo Downloader (APD) detects when you connect a camera or memory card to your computer and automatically pops up on screen. Here you can choose how you want the new photos imported.

Upgraders will notice the Photo Downloader dialog box has been simplified, although all the functions of the previous version are still available in the Advanced Dialog. Elements will remember which view you last used, and use it again the next time Photo Downloader is displayed.

Photoshop Elements 5 now offers an Automatic Download option which will bypass the dialog box and instantly transfer your photos into the Organizer according to the settings you choose. Unfortunately, you still have to confirm the import by clicking OK to a unneeded dialog box, so the process is not entirely automatic.

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