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Adjust the Photo Size and Placement

Create a Greeting Card in Photoshop Elements


Adjust the Photo Size and Placement
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At this point, a small toolbar appears near the photo so you can adjust the size and rotation, or choose a new photo to place in the design. The Move tool is also active, so you can resize, reposition or rotate the photo if desired by dragging the handles surrounding the photo. If you loose the floating toolbar, simply double-click on the photo to bring it back. If you make any adjustments, click the green check mark to accept them, or click the red cancel symbol or reject them.

Click the orange EDIT button at the top of the screen and ensure that the layers palette is showing. Go to Window > Layers if you need to turn it on.

Your card and layers palette should now look something like what I have shown here.

Notes for Photoshop Elements 5 Users:
Elements 5 users will already be in Full Edit mode, so there is no need to click an EDIT button. Everything else is the same.
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