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Eye Candy 5: Impact - Filter Examples


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Eye Candy 5: Impact - Chrome Filter Examples
Eye Candy 5: Impact - Chrome Filter Examples

In these examples, the chrome filter was used on the background, the border, and all objects. As you can see, the chrome filter can create all sorts of shiny metallic surfaces — not just chrome.


The Chrome filter uses reflection maps to create a variety of realistic, shiny metal effects. You are not limited only to chrome; by modifying the reflection map, tint color, lighting, and other controls, you can create other metallics such as gold, silver, copper, bronze, liquid metal, hammered metal, and more. The improved reflection map feature adds extraordinary realism to the metallic effect. Several reflection maps are included, or you can use any JPEG file for your own reflection maps. Like the Bevel filter, Chrome also offers the bevel profile editor for adjusting the shape of the bevel. The chrome effect can be rendered to a new layer.

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