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How Do You Use and Install Plug-Ins?


Question: How Do You Use and Install Plug-Ins?
John asks: "Just how do you use and install Plug-ins? I really need to know step-by-step."
Answer: Most plug-ins come with an installer, just like any other software would need to be installed. If an installer is not required or provided, the plug-in developer should have provided instructions for what to do with the file(s). I could not provide you with universal step-by-step instructions since it varies by plug-in and by which host application you are using. When you install a new version of your host application, your plug-ins will also need to be reinstalled.

Most effects plug-in filters have a .8bf extension. For installing these types of files, The Plugin Site has a good article on how to install Photoshop-compatible plugins (.8bf Files).

See the links below for more information on plugins.

If you have a question about a specific plugin, please post your question in the discussion forum with as much information as possible including the title and version of the plugin as well as the host application (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, etc.) you are trying to use it with.

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