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How to Make Glossy Text in Pixelmator


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Glossy Text Effect in Pixelmator
Glossy style text in Pixelmator

Text with a glossy effect created in Pixelmator.

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This is intended to show you how to create glossy text in Pixelmator, the image editor for Mac OS X users. Apple played no small part in promoting the popularity of glossy icons and text and so it's perhaps appropriate that we should want to know how to achieve these effects using Pixelmator, which is an image editor produced solely for Apple Macs.

This is quite a simple technique that requires just a few basic steps to achieve. For that reason, this is suitable for new Pixelmator users who wish to start creating more professional looking results. Once you learn how to achieve this effect, I would advise that you exercise some self-control in applying it. It has been a very popular graphic device and designs that over use the technique can become very difficult on the eye with no obvious focus. For that reason it should be used in moderation to help highlight an important message or draw the reader's focus to a specific aspect of a design.

While I'm going to show you how to apply the glossy effect to text, it is very easy to use the exact same technique for other other objects and shapes.

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