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Free Pixel-Based Editing and Painting Software for Windows

Free and public domain pixel-based image editing, painting, and graphics creation software for Windows.
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Review of Ultimate Paint Photo Editor
Ultimate Paint is a free raster image editor that you can use to adjust your photos and add creative effects.

VCW Vicman's Photo Editor Review
VCW Vicman's Photo Editor is a free pixel based image editing software for Windows.

LazPaint Review
LazPaint is a free image editor aiming to compete with GIMP and Paint.NET. See how it stacks up against these other free image editors.

GIMP 2.8 Review
Learn about new features in GIMP 2.8 and whether they make it worth upgrading to GIMP 2.8.

PhotoFiltre Review - Review of Free Image Editor PhotoFiltre
PhotoFiltre is a free pixel-based image editor suitable for basic image enhancement work on Windows machines.

Guide Top Picks: Free Photo Editors for Windows
Even if you can't afford to spend anything on software, you can still find free software to help you create and edit your photos and images. These are what I feel are the best choices for free photo editing software.

Review of Pixia
Pixia is a free pixel-based image editor suitable for basic image enhancement and more advanced creative work on Windows machines.

Photo Pos Pro Review
Photo Pos Pro is a powerful free pixel-based image editor with a lot to offer. Learn more about it in this detailed review.

Artweaver (Win)
Artweaver features a number of natural media brushes and tools such as chalk, pencils, charcoal, oil paint, felt markers, crayons, airbrushes, acrylic, sponges, pastels, and cloners. Each brush has a number of attributes that can be adjusted for even more variety. In addition, Artweaver offers a solid set of general image manipulation and enhancement tools.

Paint.NET (Win)
Paint.NET is a free photo editor for Windows which features layers, blending modes, special effects, unlimited undo history, and a number of image adjustments and filter effects. Besides the standard pixel-based painting and selection tools, Paint.NET also includes easy to use tools for drawing shapes and lines, a text tool, a clone stamp, and a recolor tool.

ArtRage 2 Free Edition Screen Shot and Mini-Review
ArtRage is a fun, easy to use program that's great for experimenting with digital art, especially if you also own a pressure sensitive graphics tablet. The free version is a great way to see what digital painting and drawing is like, but for the small upgrade price, you'll no doubt want to move up to the full version.

ImageForge (Win)
Featured Download - Freeware paint and image-editing tool featuring soft brushes, scanner support, crop, resize, rotate, special effects filters, gradients, patterns, and more.

GIMP for Windows
GIMP is the popular open source image editor originally developed for Unix. Here's where you can download the latest Windows release and get news about its development.

i.Mage (Win)
Image is a graphics editor designed to be a better Deluxe Paint IIe. Supports indexed and true color images, palette manipulation, undo/redo, more.

Photobie (Win)
"Photobie is a free image editing software with multilayer support. Photobie is customized for photo editing. It is featured with advanced screen capture tools, simple gif animation tool and photo framing tool. Photobie also provides an image diectory browser with batch resize/rotate, full screen slide show features."

Rendera (Win)
"Rendera is a free program suitable for artistic painting, photo-retouching and colorizing, as well as seamless tile design."

Serif PhotoPlus (Win)
Download a completely free, fully functional version of this image editor which features an export optimizer, editable text, image slicing and image maps, selection tools, smart shapes, and image enhancement tools.

Triscape FxFoto Standard Edition (Win)
"FxFoto Standard Edition is photo editing and organizing software which is very easy to use. Standard edition is a free download (3MB) with upgrades available for digital scrapbooking, slideshows and advanced photo editing techniques."

Ultimate Paint (Win)
Image editor that supports JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PCX, AVI (reading only), WMF/EMF, ICO (reading only) and IFF/LBM image formats. Freeware and shareware versions available.

VCW VicMan's Photo Editor (Win)
Graphic editor with a variety of painting and editing tools and features including text tool, gradients, selections by color or region, color replacement, edit in any scale, apply special effects and more. Freeware.

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