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Picture It! Tips & Tutorials

Tips and tutorials for learning and using Microsoft Picture It! photo editing and enhancement software. Go up a category for resources on Digital Image Pro, the new title of Picture It.

Animated Locket
How to create an animated locket.

Animated Snowglobes
Create an animated snow globe from a photo using Picture It.

Bay Windows
Create a bay window and add other objects to create a picturesque scene.

Beveled Banners
Create beveled banners for Web page headings.

Border Background
How to make a bordered background for the Web.

Coloring with PI2000
You can change a graphic colors, fill it with solid color or gradient color, you can colorize it and you can take a coloring book looking object and color it. Explore all the options for coloring graphics with Picture It.

Two different ways to make cutouts in Picture It.

Embossed Backgrounds
Create an embossed or watermark effect in Picture It.

Globe Frames
Download several globe frame templates and learn how to make your own.

How to Bevel
Add bevels to buttons or frames for a 3D effect.

How to Resize
Two different ways to resize in Picture It.

Make a Teddy Bear
Draw a teddy bear from scratch in Picture It.

Make Eyes Blink
How to make an animation of blinking eyes in Picture It.

Making Buttons
Many ways to make buttons in Picture It.

Making Frames
Add custom frames to your pictures.

Moving Pendulum Clock
Create an animated grandfather clock.

How to make a photo cube in Picture It.

Signature Tag 1
Create three different types of animated signatures. Signature Tag 2 Signature Tag 3

Stamping in PI2000
How to make your own stamps from different graphics and cutouts.

Tiled Backgrounds
How to create seamlessly tiling backgrounds.

Transparent GIFs
How to save a transparent GIF in Picture It.

Using Animation
Detailed information on using the animation features of Picture It!

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