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How To Fix Red Eye with Picasa


Red Eye Before & After Example

Red Eye Before & After Example (Right click and save for practicing this tutorial)

Picasa is a popular free digital photo organizer from Google. It includes a tool for red eye removal that helps you quickly remove the glowing red pupils from your snapshot photos.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 1-2 Minutes

Here's How:

  1. Open Picasa, and browse your library until you find a photo with red eye you want to fix.

  2. Double click the photo with red eye to open it larger.

  3. Below the photo, click the 1:1 button to display the photo at actual size.

  4. A zoom overlay will appear in front of the photo window. Click and drag the inset box over the eyes you need to correct so that the eyes appear in the larger view.

  5. On the left side of the Picasa window, under "Basic Fixes," click the Redeye button.

  6. Drag a rectangle around the red portion of one eye.

  7. Picasa is not very aggressive with its red eye removal, so you may need to apply the red eye fix multiple times for the same eye. Just drag a rectangle around the eye again if you still see red.

  8. Repeat for any other red eyes in your photo. Click and drag in the photo window to pan around if you need to.

  9. When you are satisfied with the corrections, click Apply.

  10. Click the photo once to return to "Fit photo" view, or double-click to return to the Library (thumbnail) view.


  1. To make your edits visible outside of Picasa, right click the file and choose "Save."

  2. You can remove any edits in Picasa by right clicking the photo and choosing "Revert" (if the edits were saved) or "Undo all edits" if the photo was not saved.

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