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Backgrounds, Textures, Pattern Fills, and Seamless Tiles

Tutorials for creating and working with backgrounds, textures, seamless tiles, and patterns in Adobe Photoshop. Create metal, rust, grids, stone, water, wood, and other textures.

Make Retro Sun Rays in Photoshop
Learn how to create a retro sun rays background using Photoshop. A retro sun rays graphic is perfect for projects that require a vintage look and some added background interest.

Create Camo Patterns with a Free Photoshop Plugin, VandDerLee Camouflage
Learn how to create a camo pattern with a free Photoshop plugin, VanDerLee Camouflage. While you can use traditional military camouflage patterns to give an army theme to a graphic design project, camo patterns using less traditional colors have become very popular in fashion and crafts.

Change Color and Add Pattern in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Pattern Maker
[Video Tutorial] Use the Adobe Photoshop pattern maker tool to create patterns out of graphics and photos. Generate original designs and special effects for your projects.

Adobe Photoshop Marquee Tool Background
[Video Tutorial] Use the marquee tool in Photoshop to create backgrounds that can make any image or photo look professional or transform it into the perfect gift.

Add Custom Patterns and Save them as a Set
Photoshop 6 ships with two sets of patterns that work with the fill tool and layer styles. But did you know you can add your own patterns and save them as a custom set? Here's how...

How To Use a Pattern Fill
Learn how to define an image or selection as a pattern that can be used to fill a layer or selection in Photoshop.

Pink Flannel Seamless Tile
Learn how to create a seamless "flannel" textile pattern in Adobe Photoshop 4.0 and up.

Creating Studio Backdrops
From the author: "I don't want to blow a bunch of money to have professional studio photos taken. So I decided to create my own backdrops instead. Check out this tutorial for users of Adobe Photoshop 5.5 and Corel Photopaint 9."

Creating A Realistic Nebula
Use the clouds filter and difference blend mode to create a nebula background.

Disgruntled Dots
Use channels, pattern fills, layers, and other native features and effects to create a variety of polka dot patterns. This site is not compatible with Netscape 4.

Forging World Textures
From Eyeland Studio: "Create planet-like seamless textures from scratch using Adobe Photoshop."

The Power of Randomness
Combine the clouds filter with a gradient lighting effect for an interesting random texture.

Seamless Subtle Texture
Create a subtle textured background then learn how to make it seamless using the offset filter in Photoshop.

Seamless Tiled Backgrounds
Use the offset filter and clone tool to make seamless tiles.

Seamless Web Page Background
Use the shear filter to remove tiling lines from textures that aren't seamless.

Stone Textures
Create a realistic stone texture with the difference clouds filter and lighting effects. This site is not compatible with Netscape 4.

Texture Wrapping
Learn how to add realism to 3D shapes you create in Photoshop by wrapping them with a texture. Version unspecified.

Textures and Tiles
A series of five lessons on how to create textures and seamless tiles for backgrounds. Version unspecified.

Two different methods for creating seamless pattern effects.

Transparency & High Contrast Backgrounds
Several different approaches for handling shadows on high contrast backgrounds. Version unspecified.

Using Patterns
Work with the navigator palette, color picker, paintbrush, pattern fills, layers, and layer effects as you learn several ways to use patterns in Photoshop.

Techniques for four different wood-grain effects: pint, walnut, oak, and cherry.

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