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Working with Masks and Making Selections in Photoshop

Tutorials for making complex masks and precise selections with Adobe Photoshop. Techniques for using channel masks, alpha channels, quick mask mode, layer masks, grayscale masks, marquee selections, the extract command, plus various random selections tips and tricks.

Using Photoshop to Put an Image Inside Text
Learn how to put an image inside text with Photoshop using a clipping mask.

Refine Edge Tool in Photoshop
The powerful refine edge tool in Photoshop will help you make more precise selections and save time when making complex selections.

Channel Mask
This simple technique uses a duplicate color channel to create a mask for isolating a complicated selection.

Magnetic Lasso Tool
Use the magnetic lasso tool and quick mask mode in Photoshop 5 to remove a complex background from an image in less than 10 minutes.

Pen Tool Selections
This technique uses the pen tool to create a path around the image and convert the path to a selection.

Combining Selection Techniques
For some selections, a combination of tools and techniques is required. Here's one example where an image was isolated from the background using channels, levels, and the pen tool in combination.

Extract Command
An overview of the new extract command in Photoshop 5.5.

Selection Tools and Commands
Learn about the new reselect command, the magnetic lasso tool, freeform pen tool, magnetic pen tool, and measurment tool introduced in Photoshop 5.5.

Back to Basics - Photoshop Selections
Wendy Peck thoroughly explains Photoshop's selection tools, and other important selection tasks including making selections with channels and color range, plus modifying, saving, and sharing selections.

Cleaning Up a Dirty Hair Mask in Photoshop CS
"In compositing, there's nothing worse than a bad mask. And nowhere is it easier to mess up your mask than on a subject's hair, especially when it's blurred or obscured by a complex background or hazy foreground, making it pretty much impossible to get an accurate mask at all."

Introducing Quickmask
This excerpt from Using Photoshop 5 introduces you to the Quickmask mode of making selections.

Layer Mask Basics
Learn how to create and edit layer masks, then use them to create artistic effects.

MaskPlus Technique
Ron Lemire demonstrates a method of handling selections or masks that creates perfectly aligned edges. Great for colorizing.

Quick Mask Basics
Learn about the quick mask mode in Photoshop and see examples of how you can use it to perfect your selections.

Selections and Removing Backgrounds
In this tutorial, we will do this mostly in the context of removing backgrounds from pictures. In particular, we will be using lasso, magic wand, a quickmask, a layer mask, the pen tool, and a special selection using a threshold adjustment. Photoshop 6.0.

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