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Photoshop Tutorials for Popular Special Effects

Explore tutorials and techniques for creating popular special effects with Adobe Photoshop.

How to Make Digital Washi Tape in Photoshop or Elements
This tutorial will show you how you can create your own digital version of Washi tape in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Washi Tape is decorative tape that's made from natural materials in Japan, and it can make a nice decorative element in your digital scrapbook layouts.

Create Comic Book Art with Photoshop
Transform a photo with a comic book art effect in the style of Roy Lichtenstein with this Photoshop tutorial.

Intertwined Hearts - Using Layer Styles and Custom Shapes in Photoshop
Learn how to create two intertwined hearts using layer styles in Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Fire Text Effect Video
[Video Tutorial] Make your text distinctive and exciting with Photoshop text effects- learn how to make your words appear to be on fire.

Adobe Photoshop Sepia Effect
There's a quaint and beautiful look to older, black-and-white photos. With Adobe Photoshop, you can mimic that sepia-toned, antiqued appearance for your images in just a few easy steps.

Adobe Photoshop Ice Effect
Make truly distinctive and exciting text in your Adobe Photoshop images with this Ice Effect.

Faded Stripes and Line Screen Effect
For this two-part tutorial, Photoshop 5.5 is used to create a faded stripe pattern for a Web background. Then we take it a step further to create a line screen pattern on a photo for the Web page header.

3D Logo
A simple way to simulate 3D depth using any shape.

Amazing Gradients
When you combine gradient layers using Photoshop's blending modes, you can use gradients to take yourself on wild flights of fancy which I call "Gradations." That is what we will do here. Photoshop 6.0.

Bringing a Dingbat to Life
This is an excellent tutorial on using dingbats as a basis for creating impressive 3D images, just by adding the proper shading, highlights and shadows. The examples use Photoshop, but the techniques can be applied whatever software you prefer.

Celtic Knot
Learn how to create a Celtic Knot design in Photoshop. Includes links to more information on Celtic Knots.

Color Dodge
Brighten graphics and add glow effects using color dodge blend mode. This site is not compatible with Netscape 4.

Cool Hand Dingbat
Use dingbat fonts and Photoshop's effects to create your own custom clip art.

Copyright Brush
Learn how to create a custom brush from your own freehand signature and use it for stamping your mark on all your images.

Creating Grid Lines
One technique for creating grid lines. This site is not compatible with Netscape 4.

Diamond "Bling" in Photoshop 7
"You could create those rap type diamond effects using the noise filter, however this technique creates a more interesting result. I am using Photoshop 7, but the technique will work equally as well on vs.6"

Digital Candy
"This fast, easy tutorial will teach you how to use several filters to create your own digital candy. This tutorial is designed for beginner to intermediate level photoshop users."

Dripping Slime
Use quick mask mode and the wind filter to create an effect of rust, slime, or blood dripping from holes, pipes, or text. This site is not compatible with Netscape 4.

Great Dropped Shadows
Four steps to great looking dropped shadows. Version unspecified.

Ice Mask
"Learn how to use filters to manipulate your existing images into stunning creations. This is a fun tutorial that even beginners should enjoy."

Into the Shadows
An excellent overview on using shadows in your work. Additional pages includes tutorials for creating shadow effects in Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.

Jet Contrails
Write a message in the sky using the airbrush and stroke path command.

Line Effects
The first of three pages on creating simple lines, dashed and dotted lines, gridlines, TV scanlines, and textured lines.

Metal Ball Tutorial and Action
Creata metallic ball using Photoshop 5.5.

Page Curl Effect Tutorial
Learn how to achieve a page curl effect in just a few easy steps. This tutorial use the Warp filter so it's for Photoshop CS2 and higher.

How to create translucent water droplets without plug-in filters in Photoshop 5.5 and up.

Reflecting Sphere
Create a shiny, reflective sphere with this detailed tutorial. This site is not compatible with Netscape 4.

Rounding Shapes
A simple way to add roundness to any shape. This site is not compatible with Netscape 4.

Scan Lines
Another tutorial for the TV scan lines effect in Photoshop 4/5. This site is not compatible with Netscape 4.

Shiny Starburst Effect
"Follow these simple steps to create a shiny starburst effect in Photoshop."

Smoking with Photoshop
Create realistic smoke, fog, and mist effects using the built-in features of Photoshop 7.

Combine triangles, add reflection and rotation, then throw in some special effects and you've got the recipe for some nifty snowflakes made in Photoshop. Here's how it's done.

In this tutorial, you will be taking advantage of some of Photoshop's mathematical algorithms. In other words, you will be making something that is very beautiful because of its mathematical precision, but you don't have to do the math. PS does it for you!

Sunglasses Reflections
Put custom reflections in sunglasses.

Texture Wrapping
Learn how to add realism to 3D shapes you create in Photoshop by wrapping them with a texture. Version unspecified.

Transparent Capsule
Create a transparent capsule in Photoshop 5.5 as you learn to make simple shapes, use alpha channels, manipulate selections, use filters and layers, and adjust opacity.

Wireframe Sphere
Create a grid texture, then use the spherize filter to create a wireframe sphere. This site is not compatible with Netscape 4.

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