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Borders, Frames and Edge Effects

Tips and tutorials for creating decorative borders, frames, and photo edge effects in Adobe Photoshop.

Wavy Line Border Frame
Create a wavy line border frame in Photoshop using a custom brush and the Wave filter.

18 Square Frame and Border Designs
Download 18 free square frame and border custom shapes in CSH format for Photoshop and Elements as well as EPS and SVG vector formats for other software.

SKS Oval Frames
A free set of five oval frames in Photoshop preset format and PNG files.

Christmas Frame Kits for Photoshop
Download this free kit of layer styles to add instant frames to your photos and layouts using Photoshop or Elements.

Out of Bounds Effect in Photoshop
Learn how to create the popular and fun out of bounds effect manually in Photoshop. This effect will make the subject of your photo appear to be coming out of its frame.

42 Square Frame Shapes with Frame Examples
Shelby Kate Schmitz created this frame collection of 42 custom shapes and six frame samples in Photoshop PSD format demonstrating how the shapes designs can be combined and layered along with simple black and white layer style effects to create some very striking frame variations.

How to Make a Torn Paper Edge in Photoshop
Learn a simple technique for creating a torn paper edge in Photoshop. The final effect is pretty subtle, but it can help to add an extra touch of reality to your images, and you can apply this technique to any image element where you want to apply the appearance of torn paper.

Create a Vignette (Soft Fade) Effect
A vignette, or soft fade, is a popular photo effect where the photo gradually fades into the background, usually in an oval shape. By using Photoshop's layer masks you can create this effect flexibly and non-destructively.

Add a Mat Frame to a Photo with Photoshop or Elements
Sometimes a certain photo just needs an extra special treatment to make it pop. One simple way to make a photo pop is to add a matted frame to it. This tutorial shows you how to add a matted frame with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

Adobe Photoshop Photo Frame - Video
[Video Tutorial] Make your favorite photo look polished and elegant- learn how to add a tasteful faux frame to the image itself with Adobe Photoshop.

Pinking Shears in Photoshop
Learn how to create the effect of fabric cut with pinking shears using a seamless textile pattern and custom brushes in Photoshop 4.0 and up.

Burned Edges
Beginer level tutorial shows you three different burnt edge effects. Work with layer masks, selections, stroke command, and the airbrush tool.

Enhance Your Images with Photographic Edges
Several techniques for applying edge effects to your photos without plug-ins.

Framing a Picture
This beginner's level tutorial shows you how to mat and frame a picture using a custom frame and mat. Learn cropping, layers, gradients, marquee selections, and layer effects.

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