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Photoshop Color Correction - Tutorials for Correcting Color and Tone

Photoshop color correction techniques and tutorials and for correcting color and adjusting tone with Adobe Photoshop. Learn how to correct for inaccurate color, color casts, overexposure, underexposure, and more.

Video: Adjusting Skin Tone in Photoshop CS5
Have a great photo that would look even better if the flash didn't make the subject's skin reminiscent of a vampire? Learn how to use the layer masks and adjustment layers to adjust the skin tone in an image with Photoshop CS5.

Adobe Photoshop Photo Filter
[Video Tutorial] It's all too common for our photos to seem great if not for an unflattering yellow, green, or other tint. With Adobe Photoshop's Photo Filter, you can adjust the color of your digital pictures, reconciling them with the memories they document.

Adobe Photoshop Brightening a Photo
[Video Tutorial] Are some of your most precious memories stored on pictures that look too dark? This video demonstrates how to brighten digital pictures and photos using Adobe Photoshop.

Selective Correction with Adjustment Layers and Masks
Learn how to selectively correct a photo using adjustment layers and masks to lighten up the shadows in a dark portion of a photo. We'll compare this method to the new Shadow/Highlights adjustment feature in Photoshop CS and Photoshop Elements.

How to Quickly Correct a Dark (Underexposed) Photo
Learn how to quickly correct a dark photo with layers and blend modes in Photoshop.

How To Quickly Correct a Washed Out (Overexposed) Photo
Learn how to quickly correct a washed out photo with layers and blend modes in Photoshop.

Basic Color Correction
A detailed tutorial on color correction from Richard Lynch, author of Special Edition Using Photoshop 6.

Boosting Contrast and Brightness
Tips for improving photos to bring out color and detail using Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and Fireworks.

Color Controls
Explore the 10 different color correction tools in Photoshop and learn when to use each of them.

Correcting Red Fleshtones
Using the Hue/Saturation command in Photoshop 5 to correct flesh tones that have too much red.

Don't Underestimate Photoshop's Auto Color
From Creativepro.com: "Imaging professionals tend to veer away from Photoshop's overly simplistic automatic color-correction tools. But version 7's Auto Color mode is a horse of a different color, if you know how to use it."

Enhancing the Midtones of an Image
Learn how to use Levels to adjust the midtones of an image in Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and Fireworks.

Fixing Bad Contrast
Improving image contrast in Photoshop 5 via the overlay blend mode.

Fixing Washed-Out Images
Improving washed out images using the multiply blend mode in Photoshop 5.

Local Contrast Enhancement
Improve local contrast with Photoshop's Unsharp Mask filter.

Lurker in the Shadows
"An alternate method for bringing out detail in dark areas of digital photographs." By David Nagel

Making Your Image "Pop"
Give a dull photo a little pop by setting the black point in Photoshop.

Photoshop Curves Command Primer
From The Luminous Landscape: "Like the Levels command, the Curves command allows you to adjust the tonal range of an image. However the range and quality of adjustment is much greater. Levels is similar to using a hatchet, Curves is more scalpel-like in its precision."

Using Adjustment Layers
Use adjustment layers to dramatically improve a photo.

Using Curve Control to Enhance Image Quality
Use curves adjustments to improve color casts, enhance detail, and adjst contrast.

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