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Photoshop Basics - Tutorials for Photoshop Beginners

Get started learning Adobe Photoshop with these beginner tutorials on tools, features, and basic techniques every new user should know. Learn how to crop, rotate, resize, create basic shapes, add text, understand layers, and more.
  1. Photoshop CS2 Basics
  2. Painting Tools & Brushes (8)
  3. Shapes / Pen Tool / Paths (11)

Interlocking Rings in Photoshop
Learn how to create interlocking rings in Photoshop, such as those in the iconic Olympic Games logo. This is quite an easy tutorial that is suitable for beginners and it will introduce Photoshop's align and distribution features, as well as selection modes.

Create an Easter Doorknob Sign in Photoshop
Use Photoshop to create a decorative doorknob hangar sign for Easter. A template for the project is provided and you will learn to work with layer styles, layer masks, and the pen tool.

Useful Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts
These are the keyboard shortcuts that I use the most, along with some that I don't use often, but always end up having to look up when I need them.

Use the Pattern Stamp Tool in Adobe Photoshop - Video
Photoshop's pattern stamp tool lets you paint with a pattern in one of the Photoshop libraries or with a pattern that you create. Learn how to use the pattern stamp tool to edit your photos.

Fix Picture Imperfections with Adobe Photoshop Healing Brush
[Video Tutorial] Would your pictures be perfect if you could just remove one or two blemishes? Well, with the Healing Brush in Adobe Photoshop, you can be your own professional air-brusher in just a few steps.

Fix Picture Imperfections with Adobe Photoshop Clone Tool
[Video Tutorial] Would your pictures be perfect if you could just remove one or two blemishes? Well, with the Clone Tool in Adobe Photoshop, you can be your own professional air-brusher in just a few steps.

Adobe Photoshop Patch Tool
[Video Tutorial] Would your pictures be perfect if you could just remove one or two obtrusive objects from the frame? Use Adobe Photoshop's Patch Tool to re-touch your digital pictures and photos in just a few steps.

Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts
[Video Tutorial] Whether you're a professional graphic artist or you just want to re-touch your favorite photos, Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts can make your Photoshop workflow a great deal more efficient in just a few easy steps.

Adobe Photoshop Magic Eraser Tool
[Video Tutorial] Adobe Photoshop's Magic Eraser Tool provides you with a quick and easy way to change a picture's background or other color area with just a few clicks.

The Photoshop CS2 Workspace
Explore the Photoshop CS2 workspace in this illustrated tutorial.

How to Straighten a Crooked Image with the Crop Tool
How to straighten a crooked image using the crop tool in Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Basics - Online Course
A series of self-paced online lessons for learning the basics of Adobe Photoshop version 5 through 7.

How to Fix Problems With Photoshop, ImageReady & Elements
Is Photoshop doing something strange that you just can't figure out? Then it may be time to trash your preferences! This simple procedure cures a good portion of Photoshop problems.

Rename Files With Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements
How to rename a series of files with the file browser in Photoshop 7 and up or Photoshop Elements 2 and up.

Rotate Crop Resize
These basic functions are the first steps for preparing your photos for the Web. Learn how with step-by-step instuctions from your Guide.

Measure Tool
The measure tool provides information on distances and angle. Learn how you can use it to rotate images precisely.

Outline Border
Several techniques for adding a simple outline border to an image or selection. From the Graphics Software forum. Know a better way? Share it!

Add Custom Patterns and Save them as a Set
Photoshop 6 ships with two sets of patterns that work with the fill tool and layer styles. But did you know you can add your own patterns and save them as a custom set? Here's how...

Customize the Picture Package Layouts in Photoshop 6 & 7
I was always baffled by the fact that Photoshop's Picture Package command did not offer an option for three 4x6's on a page. Little did I know, it's extremely easy to customize these layouts and create your own just by editing a plain text file. These instructions also work for Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Album.

History Palette, Snapshots & History Brush
An overview of the new history features in Photoshop 5.5.

Transformations in Photoshop 5.5
An overview of the new path and selection transformation features and the 3D Transofrm filter in Photoshop 5.5.

New Tools in Photoshop 5.5
Take a look at the Magic Eraser, Background Eraser and Art History Brush in Photoshop 5.5.

Adobe Photoshop Dodge Tool Brightening
[Video Tutorial] Are some of your most precious memories stored on pictures that look too dark? Brighten or highlight parts of your digital pictures using the Adobe Photoshop Dodge Tool.

Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts
Trevor Morris offers keyboard shortcut cheat sheets in printer-friendly PDF files for several versions of Photoshop.

Anti Aliasing
Use this technique to smooth the edges of an object or mask. This site is not compatible with Netscape 4.

Beginners' Guide to Adobe PhotoShop
A thirty-minutee tutorial covering the very basics of what you need to know before your start using Photoshop.

Camera RAW support in Photoshop CS2
"Adobe Systems has enhanced the Camera RAW support in Photoshop CS2 to further refine your camera RAW editing capabilities. You can now open multiple images in the Camera RAW 3.0 window, edit them, and batch process them simultaneously."

Channels: What, When and Why?
A closeup look at channels in Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. Learn what a channel is, and how you can use channels to enhance images and create special effects.

Drop Shadow
Two ways to create drop shadows in Photoshop. This site is not compatible with Netscape 4.

Getting up to Speed with Photoshop 6
"Features such as Fill layers, Layer clipping paths, and Layer sets may not be as alluring as Shape layers, but they could end up being the new tools you click most."

Gradient Transparency
Learn how to use transparency with gradient fills.

Add an outline to text and shapes in Photoshop 4/5. This site is not compatible with Netscape 4.

Smart Objects - How to Work Smart In Photoshop
"Many actions within Photoshop are destructive, which means that when you make an edit, you lose information. That's why using non-destructive Smart Objects is a wise choice. But they do call for a new way of thinking and working. This excerpt walks you through the steps with easy-to-follow visuals and focused tutorials." Download the PDF excerpt from "The Photoshop CS2 Speed Clinic."

Understanding Alpha Channels
Learn about Photoshop's alpha channel for saving selections.

Understanding Color Channels
Learn about Photoshop's color channels.

Understanding Image Channels
From Designer-Info: "Tom Arah investigates Photoshop’s best-kept secret--channels."

Create Silhouette Graphics with Photoshop
Learn how you can easily create silhouettes in Photoshop using free clip art.

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