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Essential Tutorials for Photoshop & ImageReady

Learn Photoshop or brush up on your skills with these free online tutorials.
  1. Photoshop Video Library
  2. Photoshop Basics & Tools (59)
  3. Actions & Batch Processing (12)
  4. Working with Type (11)
  5. Creating Text Effects (28)
  6. Creative Photo Effects (73)
  7. Fix, Correct, Repair Photos (73)
  8. Photoshop's Native Filters (15)
  9. Creating Art & Effects (107)
  10. Layers & Blend Modes (15)
  11. Layer Style Effects Tips (16)
  12. Masks and Selections (15)
  13. Web Graphics / ImageReady (33)
  14. Photoshop Color Management

Adobe Photoshop Basics - Free Online Course
A series of self-paced online lessons for learning the basics of Adobe Photoshop version 5 and up.

How To Preserve Spot Colors in Photoshop (version 6 and higher)
Learn how to preserve spot colors in Photoshop version 6 and higher. Tutorial by Elisabetta Bruno.

Customize the Picture Package Layouts in Photoshop
You're not stuck with the preset layouts in Photoshop's Picture Package tool. Here is how you can add custom layouts to picture package.

Add Speech Balloons and Text Bubbles to Your Photos in Photoshop or Elements
Download my kit and use these instructions for a fun way to enhance your digital photos with cartoon-style text balloons and speech bubbles. Includes custom shapes and layer styles for Photoshop 6.0 or Photoshop Elements.

Create a Snow Globe in Photoshop 6.0
Use Photoshop 6.0 to create a snow globe from scratch. You'll learn about highlights and shading, layer sets, clipping groups, working with custom shapes, blend modes, layer effects, and more.

Photoshop PDF Tutorials by John Woods
Several free Photoshop tutorials in PDF format from Adobe Certified Expert and Digital Imaging Specialist for Kodak, John Woods.

Sue's Photoshop Tutorials
The index of my own original Photoshop tutorials on this site.

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