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12 High-Resolution Seamless Pattern Textures by Shelby Kate Schmitz


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Bright Red Paint Texture
1200x800 pixels red pattern texture

1200x800 pixels red pattern texture

© Copyright Shelby Kate Schmitz

Download All 12 Patterns as Photoshop PAT File [28 MB] (right click and save target)

The PAT file link is the same on all pages. You can browse through the pages to see each of the 12 images and to download the PNG versions.

How to Save the Hi-Res PNG Files:
Right click the preview image, then choose one of the following commands, depending on the Web browser you are using:
IE: Save Target As...
Firefox or Google Chrome: Save Link As...
Safari: Save Linked File
Opera: Save Linked Content As...

Important: Do NOT use the "Save Image" or "Save Picture" command from your browser. This will only save the small preview and not the full-resolution image with transparency.

Terms of Use:
Free Photoshop presets and other files by Shelby Kate Schmitz are for personal or commercial use within designs. Redistribution or sale of presets individually or within kits or collections is not allowed.

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