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Halloween Custom Shapes
Halloween Custom Shapes

This set includes 15 Halloween custom shapes.

© Copyright Sue Chastain

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These free custom shapes by Sue Chastain can be used in Photoshop 7 and up and Photoshop Elements 2 and up.
Instructions for Photoshop
Instructions for Photoshop Elements
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You are free to use any of the files here for personal or commercial designs, either in print or on the Web, excluding items you intend to sell. You may not give away, sell, or redistribute the files in any way. Do not post these files on any other Web site, electronically distribute them, or include them in any package or program for distribution. If you find these files useful, please include a credit line or a link back to this site [http://graphicssoft.about.com/]. If you have questions about these terms, see my usage FAQs.

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