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Free Christmas Ornament Template Photoshop PSD and PNG File


Free Christmas Ornament Template PSD and PNG Download
Free Christmas Ornament Template

Free Christmas Ornament Template

© Shelby Kate Schmitz

Download Christmas Ornament Template (2 MB Zip File)

This free Christmas ornament template by Shelby Kate Schmitz is provided in layered PSD format for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. The ornament template is created using custom shapes, patterns, and layers styles, all of which can be resized, edited and customized to create personalized Christmas ornaments of your own design. The PSD file will open in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, as well as other software that supports the PSD format. (Please note that you may get unexpected results if you try editing the PSD files in non-Adobe software.) A PNG file is also provided to use the ornament in other software.

Terms of Use:
Free Photoshop files by Shelby Kate Schmitz are for personal or commercial use within designs. Redistribution or sale of files individually or within kits or collections is not allowed.

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