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Adobe Photoshop Add-ons, Templates and Tools

Add-ons, templates, and tools you can purchase to expand or enhance the features of Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.
  1. Plug-in Filter Management

Topaz Simplify Review
Topaz Simplify is a special effects plug-in program to turn your photos into works of art.

Adobe Nav Photoshop Navigator for iPad
Adobe Nav is an iPad app which directly communicates with Photoshop over a WiFi connection. With Adobe Nav, you can use the touch screen of your iPad to select tools and documents in Photoshop while it is running on your computer.

Preset Viewer
If your Photoshop preset collection has ever made you want to pull your hair out, you're going to love Preset Viewer from TumaSoft!

Pro Canvas - Photoshop Canvas Size Enhancement Plug-In
Download Pro Canvas, a shareware plug-in to enhance or replace the standard Canvas Size command in Photoshop.

Album DS - Album Design Software for Photoshop
"With Album DS, you will create gorgeous digital photo albums fast and easy from within Adobe Photoshop... Album DS provides more than 600 templates, automatically resizable to any album size; just double click at the template and it will be opened in Photoshop ready to be used."

AV Bros. Draftsman - Adobe Photoshop CS Script
"Using this script you can quickly and easily create a constant and/or variable repetitious linear structure (grid) that consists of either vertical and/or horizontal lines. The grid is created as the selection." For Windows and Macintosh.

AV Bros. GuideMaster - Adobe Photoshop CS Script
"The script is targeted to help you quickly and easily create the desired guides' layout or, in other words, to place the guides in the desired places." For Windows and Macintosh.

AV Bros. Polaris Photoshop Extensions
The Polaris set includes four Photoshop extensions to make manipulating guides and distributing objects faster and easier. The extensions are: AV Bros. Guider Core, AV Bros. Guider Template, AV Bros. Array, and AV Bros. Circumscriber.

Curvemeister Plugin (Win)
"Curvemeister is a Windows-based Photoshop plugin that extends the power and flexibility of curves and color spaces with a state of the art user interface. The Curvemeister plugin leverages color correction with a a fistful of features aimed at the professional."

FM Software
Fred Miranda's actions and plug-ins for digital photographers.

FXPak (Win/Mac)
Offers a large collection of styles and shapes for Adobe Photoshop 6 or Adobe Photoshop Elements. FXPak Styles offers more than 500 styles for $39.95US. FXPak Shapes offers more than 1000 different shapes for $24.95US.

Greeting Card Designer (Win/Mac)
"Greeting Card Designer is a collection of Actions, Tool Presets, Artistic Borders, Templates, Help Files and Images that help you create professional looking Greeting Cards using Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements."

Layout Galaxy
Offers several CDs containing Web site layout templates in Photoshop PSD format. Download 4 free layout samples. Individual CDs range in price from $55 US to $99 US.

Path Styler Pro (Win/Mac)
"Path Styler Pro uses the precision of paths to create sharp and clean beveled images that do not require softening."

Photoshop Edge Fx (Win/Mac)
"Photoshop Edge Fx is a free Photoshop CS4 plug-in for easily adding edges, frames and borders to enhance your photos. This new version includes now over 60 presets styles you can combine for more creativity."

Photoshop Graphics by Sage
360 Photoshop brushes divided into 12 sets, each containing 30 exclusive brushes which can easily be used to make attractive borders or frames and matching buttons or icons. Borders and frames are also available. Some free sets are offered but most are for purchase. For Photoshop 5 onwards.

Photoshop Interface Assistant (Win)
Maximize your screen space without dual monitors in Photoshop. Interface Assistant automatically moves Photoshop's floating palettes to the edge of the screen when you are not using them. Moving your cursor to the edge of the screen brings them back into view. US$20.

Photoshop SpeedUp (Win)
"Decreases the time it takes to load Adobe Photoshop by disabling the plug-ins that you may not need. There are several options such as whether to load the Adobe fonts, load the presets, and set the memory usage. You may restore to the original settings at any time. Adobe Photoshop SpeedUp is freeware, works with Adobe Photoshop versions 3 through 8." Freeware.

Photoshop Web Foundry
From Eyeland Studio: "The Web Foundry CD contains a large variety of web interfaces and buttons which you are free to customize for use in your own web projects. Files are provided in Adobe Photoshop native format (.PSD) and can be used with any graphics application that is compatible with that format." Membership is required for full access but several free samples are available for download.

PSKiss Snow! Filter
PSKiss Snow filter converts highlights in the image to “snow”. PSKiss Snow is fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS5 on Macintosh and Windows.

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