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Exploring the Preset Manager in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements


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Loading and Creating a Custom Set of Your Favorite Presets

Loading Presets

When you use the Load button in the preset manager the newly loaded set is appended to what is already showing in the preset manager. You can load as many sets as you like and then select what you want from them to make a new set.

If you want to replace the currently loaded styles with a new set, you can do so by going to the preset manager menu (the small arrow) and choose the replace command instead of using the load button.

To create a custom set of your favorite presets, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Preset Manager from the Edit menu.

  2. Choose the preset type you wish to work with from the menu. (For instance, Patterns.)

  3. Take a look through the currently loaded patterns and make note whether or not they include any that you want to have in your new set. If not, and you're sure they have all been saved, you can delete these to make more room for what you want to work with.

  4. Press the "Load" button in the preset manager and navigate to the location on your computer where your preset files are saved. Repeat this for as many different files as you want to work with. You can resize the Preset Manager by dragging on the sides if you need more space to work.

  5. Select each of the presets you want to include in your new set.

  6. Press the Save button and the Save dialog opens where you can choose a folder and specify the file name under which to save the file.

  7. Later you can reload this file and add to it or delete from it.

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