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Greeting Card Template and Instructions for Adobe Photoshop


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Adding Your Photo to the Card
adding your photo to the card

This shows the layers palette after adding your photo to the card.

1. Open the photo you selected for the front of your card, if you have not already.

2. Active the document and choose Select > All, then Edit > Copy.

3. Switch back to the card template.

4. Hold the Ctrl key down (Command on Mac) and click on the layer mask thumbnail for the "Card Front" layer group.

5. With the Card Front" layer group highlighted in the layers palette, go to Edit > Paste Into.

6. A new layer will be created for the photo. Double click the layer name, and give it a more descriptive name such as "photo."

7. If the photo does not fill the space designated as the front of the card, switch to the move tool and adjust the size and position as desired. (If it's a lot smaller than the front of the card, you may need to select a photo with a higher resolution.)

Note: The layer mask will ensure that the photo is clipped to the edges of the card front. You may size the photo larger than the card front and only the portions within the allowed space will be shown.
8. Drag the photo layer below the "Add text here..." layer in the layers palette.

9. If desired, create a new layer above the photo and add a decorative border or additional clip art.

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