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Application Bar and Tabbed Documents
Application Bar and Tabbed Documents
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Is Photoshop CS4 worth your upgrade dollars? Review this summary of the new features to help you decide.

The user workspace has once again gotten some attention in this release of Photoshop, this time with the introduction of a tab-based interface with self-adjusting panels. The tabs are a welcome feature, with the added bonus of being able to group tabs and arrange document windows in a number of ways. And the self-adjusting panels make rearranging the workspace a lot less fussy.

Photoshop is also taking advantage of the trend toward larger and wide-screen monitors, with the addition of a new Application Bar across the top of the window. This toolbar holds often-used tools such as a link to launch Bridge, "Show Extras" (previously buried in a submenu), zoom controls, and window and workspace organizing options.

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