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Snow Globe in Photoshop 6.0
Software Used: Adobe Photoshop 6.0

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76.) Go into the globe shading layer set and add a new layer named shadow. Place it above the gobe shading layer, group it with the previous layer, and set the blend mode to multiply.

77.) Paint a slight shadow where the globe meets the base. Collapse this layer set.

78.) Load the globe selection you saved earlier, then load the base selection and make sure you click next to "add selection" in the dialog box to combine the two selections.

79.) Add a layer above the background and fill the selection with black. Deselect.

80.) Use the move tool to flatten down and skew this layer as shown. You'll need to hold down the Ctrl key while using the top middle marquee handle.

81.) Give it gaussian blur of about 5 pixels.

82.) Add a layer mask to this layer. Fill with a white to black gradient going from the bottom of the shadow to the top, angling slightly to the right.

83.) Paint with black on the layer mask along the bottom edge of the base to erase some of the shadow where the base meets the table.

84.) Name the layer "shadow" and set the blend mode to Multiply.

85.) Move to the background layer and make a rectangular selection encompassing the bottom half of the image.

86.) Type Ctrl-J to jump this selection up to a new layer.

87.) Switch to the move tool and drag the top edge down about 1/3 of the way to form a horizon line.

88.) You can name this layer "surface" or merge it down with the background.

Here is the complete snowglobe:

Oops... there's supposed to be a drop shadow on the Bear layer, too! You won't see it in my file because I forgot it, but I suggest you add one. It just gives it that little extra something. ;-) If you like, you can bring the image into ImageReady and animate the snowflakes.

Variations on a Theme
See several examples of snowglobes created in Corel Photo-Paint by Desktop Publishing Guide Jacci Howard Bear. These were based on the techniques in this and other tutorials on the Web. She also used Hemera's Photo-Objects as a quick alternative to creating the base yourself.

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