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Cow Spots Seamless Pattern
Software Used: Photoshop 5.5 (Should work in newer versions including Photoshop Elements.)

A forum member asks, "Can anyone please tell me how to make a 'Cow-Like' Pattern in Photoshop 5.5??" Here's how...

1.) Create a New document 200 x 200 pixels with a white background.

2.) Select the Lasso Tool Lasso Tool.

Lasso Options3.) Set the lasso tool options for anti-aliased and no feathering.

Making a freehand selection4.) Draw a freehand cow spot shape in the approximate center of your image.

5.) Go to Select > Modify > Smooth and use a radius of about 5 pixels.

Smoothing the selection

6.) Go to Edit > Fill and set the contents to black, then click OK.

Filling the selection with Black
If you want the spots to be a different color, choose a foreground color before selecting the fill command, then set the fill contents to foreground color instead of black.

7.) Hit Ctrl+D to Deselect (Command+D on Mac).

8.) Go to Filter > Other > Offset.

Setting the options in the offset filter.9.) Set the Horizontal and Vertical offset to 100 pixels and make sure Wrap Around is checked. Click OK.


After applying the offset filterNow your image should look something like this one.
Adding more spots.10.) Select the lasso tool again and draw a couple more spot shapes. After you draw the first spot, hold the shift key down as you're drawing the second spot to add to the selection. The Ctrl key will subtract from a selection. You can use these key combinations to refine the shape of your spots.

Filling the spots with black.11.) When you're happy with the spot shapes, Go to Select > Modify > Smooth and once again use a radius of 5 pixels.

12.) Again, go to Edit > Fill and fill with black.

That's it! You now have a "cow-like" pattern that will tile seamlessly when used as a fill.

If desired, you can apply a slight gaussian blur to smooth the edges of the spots or resize the image for a smaller pattern.

To use the pattern as a fill...
1. Choose Select > All.
2. Go to Edit > Define Pattern.
3. Create a New document larger than your pattern.
4. Choose Edit > Fill.
5. Set the contents to pattern and click OK.

If the pattern looks too even or unnatural looking, you'll probably get better results by starting with a larger canvas and using more spots. Now that you've learned the basic technique, you can refine the results to your liking.

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