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Photoshop's Document Window Status Bar

Lesson 1: Getting Around in Photoshop CS2


Explore the Photoshop CS2 workspace in this illustrated tutorial.
Document Window Status Bar Elements

The Zoom Level Indicator

Located at the lower left corner of the document window, the zoom indicator shows the magnification level of the document. You can swipe your cursor in here and type a new number to change the zoom level. Go ahead and try it now.

To return your document to 100% magnification, locate the zoom tool in the toolbox and double click the button. The keyboard equivalent to this shortcut is Ctrl-Alt-0 (Win) or Cmd-Option-0 (Mac).

Status Bar

To the right of the magnification display on the status bar, you will see a display of document sizes. The number on the left displays the uncompressed size of the image if it were to have all layers flattened. The number on the right displays the uncompressed size of the document including all layers and channels. If the document was empty, you would see 0 bytes for the second number here.

Note that both of these numbers will usually be larger than the final file size of the saved document. That's because Photoshop documents are usually compressed when saved. For more on the Document Sizes display, look up Document Sizes option in the Photoshop Help file.

Status Bar Display Options

Next to the Document sizes display there is a small black arrow that pops up a menu. Some menu items may be faded out, for instance, if you don't have Version Cue installed.

The "Reveal in Bridge" menu option opens Adobe bridge to the folder where the image resides on your computer.

The "Show" sub-menu allows you to change what is displayed in this area of the status bar. In addition to Document Sizes, you can optionally choose to display other information about Version Cue, the current document, Scratch Sizes, Efficiency, Timing, the name of the current tool, or 32-bit exposure information. You can look up each of these items in Photoshop's online Help for more information.

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